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KHPOP Training Opportunity

October 2011

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KHPOP Update 

KHPOP completed the first year of the grant with 857 Kansans enrolled and served. Nearly 67 percent are indicating they will achieve multiple certifications/degrees through KHPOP. These job seekers are pursuing career pathways to build upon their educational foundation and subsequently enhance their earning potential.

Of the 857 enrolled:

  • 23% are TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)
  • 63% are SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

Seventy-two percent of KHPOP enrollees are pursuing Certified Nurse Aide (CNA), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN) training. Job seekers are enrolled in 38 in-demand health care occupation trainings that include:

  • Certified Surgical Technologist
  • Certified Radiologic Technician and Technologist
  • Certified Respiratory Therapist
  • Certified Physical Therapy Assistant

KHPOP year two began 09/30/2011 with the goals of:

  • Supporting the career pathways of enrollees and building upon training already achieved with additional certifications and degrees
  • Continuing to remove barriers that may prevent Kansans from pursuing their education goals
  • Connecting job seekers with employers that are seeking highly trained health care professionals
  • Leveraging and utilizing the expertise of mentors such as Tasha Williams and other KHPOP Partner associates to guide, coach and assist Kansans with achieving their education and career goals

 Meet Tasha Williams 

Key to the success of KHPOP is the mentoring and guidance provided to job seekers by 10 dedicated Career Coaches across the state. Meet Tasha Williams, KHPOP Career Coach. Tasha assists KHPOP job seekers and employers throughout Southeastern Kansas and is employed by the Southeast KANSASWORKS, Inc. Local Workforce Investment Board.

Throughout my working career I have had opportunities to work alongside individuals in both the clerical and social service fields. While assisting children with behavioral disorders, I discovered that I had a strong desire to help children and families gain the tools they needed to allow them to become independent and productive in society. I also worked at a chiropractor's office, performing administrative clerical duties, as well as assisting the doctor with treatments and therapy. This vocation showed me that I still had that spark to help people succeed or improve in some capacity. I enjoyed visiting with the patients and listening to their stories, providing a sympathetic ear as they described their struggles. I tried to help in any possible way but my resources were limited at that time. Because of this, I was determined to find a career that allowed me to not only listen to others and encourage them, but to be able to provide the resources so they might change their circumstances. The KHPOP Career Coach position has allowed me this opportunity. I am passionate about helping others and it brings me great satisfaction to watch individuals break generational cycles of poverty. I finally have a set of tools under my belt to lend support to and assist those who are low-income and struggling.  With the support of co-workers who share my passion, I have enabled participants to get the education they might not have otherwise received. As they exit the program, resources are in place to assist them in finding employment and exit off of state assistance, facilitating self-sufficiency. The Career Coach position has allowed me to utilize my education and previous work experience to help others while expanding into other areas. I am grateful that I have found not just a job, but a career.


If you are a job seeker, meet KHPOP eligibility requirements and are interested in a health care career, visit your local workforce center or call (877) 509-6757.

If you are an employer looking for well trained employees for your health care facility or service call (785) 296-3592.

Refer to for details regarding the Kansas Health Profession Opportunity Project.

Further updates regarding KHPOP will be sent to you in the near future.

This document was supported by Grant #90FX0021/01 the Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of HHS.

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